Products & Partners

"Zarneni hrani - Silistra" JSC is a reliable partner for a large number of farmers and agricultural manufacturers, businesses and cooperatives in the region of northeastern Bulgaria. Thanks to our long time trade relations, the timely supply of grain has been excellently realized by performing the foreign trade contracts. The Company is an export-oriented trade company and a direct exporter of wheat, barley, maize and sunflower. Our customers are some of the biggest grain trade companies  as "Louis Dreyfus Commodities Bulgaria" EOOD, "Cargill Bulgaria" EOOD, "Alfred C. Toepfer International (Bulgaria)" Ltd., "Glencore Grain Bulgaria" Ltd., also processing mills in Spain, Greece, Romania and Turkey. The company realizes a part of the purchased agricultural products to markets in North Africa and Asia. A small portion is sold on the domestic market – to mills, feed mills, refineries and processing plants.