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About Us

"Zarneni hrani - Silistra" JSC is a trade company whose main business activities are buying, storing and selling of cereals and pulses, agricultural products and planting material, fuels and lubricants trade. The company is a successor of the state enterprise "Zarneni hrani" EAD.

Pursuing its objectives to increase the market share and to enhance the competitiveness, the grain base in Varna city was purchased in the year 1999, as the existing warehouses were extended and renovated in order to satisfy the European Standards. The share of the realized transactions on grain exports has been increased every year, as the trading partners are mainly the largest international companies in this industry branch.

"Zarneni hrani" JSC participates in the pilot project of ACDI / VOCA - Bulgaria concerning the establishing of licensed public grain warehouses at the territory of Bulgaria. Four public warehouses have been licensed of a total storage capacity 61500 tons.

A portion of the activities relates to the grain crops. For this purpose the trade company "Chernogor Agro" Ltd has been created as an agricultural manufacturer. The company deals mainly in the production of traditional for the region cereals - wheat, barley and maize, sunflower.  It rents approx. 20 000 decare of agricultural land in the fields of Silistra region. For the land tillage and cultivation of cereals, the company possesses its own  but also hire agricultural machinery and external mechanical services.