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The warehouses of the company are strategically located in an area with well-developed transport infrastructure. The grain storage facility in Varna city is located near the seaport and the main train connections. The grain bases in the cities of Dulovo and Alfatar are located close to the main road and the railway line. They have facilities for direct loading, adjacent railway track and railway-wagon- weighbridge. The grain base in Tutrakan city is capable of egress to the Danube port Tutrakan. In order to meet the quality requirements not only for the storage of grain, but also for their transportation to and from the customers, the company has established its own automobile fleet. The motor vehicles for grain transport are new, modern, of ecological class EURO 3 and comply with all technical requirements for this activity. They provide quick and reliable access from the grain silos to the warehouses of the customers or to a specified port on the Danube River or the Black Sea.

 A common information system has been created that enables to monitor the real-time availability and the quality indexes, thus achieving optimal use of storage space and separating the grain at purchasing and marketing.