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Theheadquarters of the company is situated in Silistra city – center of one of the greatest grain producing regions in Bulgaria. The company has entire disposal of four grain bases  at the territory of Silistra region and one in Varna city, close to the Varna seaport, of a total storage capacity amounting to 150000 tons. The warehouses’ capacity includes steel- concrete silos cells - LIPP system, flat storages and double and single metal sheds. The warehouses are equipped with modern specialized equipment - ventilation systems, devices for remote thermal monitoring, grain cleaners, pneumatic transporters. The grain bases in the cities of Varna, Dulovo and Alfatar have entire disposal of grain dryers, which by a necessity are able to secure the grain drying and preserving in good commercial     conditions. The grain input-, output- and technologically processing control in the warehouses is performed by five laboratories,  equipped with modern express apparatuses and all necessary appliances  to fully grain qualifying, serviced by a qualified personnel.

1 Jitarska str., 7500, Silistra, Bulgaria

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